Busy Teacher – Worksheets for All Skills

Hundreds of amazing resources for reading, listening, vocabulary, speaking and writing for all levels.




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English Language Space Station – ESOL Activities

Lots of fun and interactive resources for most ESOL levels that can be done in class and at home.

Level 1


Creative Writing Prompts

Hundreds of creative writing prompts, great for writing tasks or speaking tasks.


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Idioms Crossword Puzzle

Idioms Crossword Puzzle

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Telephone Calls Useful Words and Phrases

Telephone words and phrases

Useful words and phrases for making telephone calls.

All levels.

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Random Discussion Questions for Tired Teachers

Random Discussion Questions based on different topics from EFL Classroom – Powerpoint.

Could be used as an introduction to particular topics, could also be used for tired teachers for 30 mins or so by getting students to move around and find different partners.

All Ages

All Levels



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The English tenses

a fun short lesson to teach the english tenses by jamie keddie – really simple. looks at elementary to intermediate.

past cont. – present cont.

present perfect – past perfect

will / won’t

can / can’t

has got

to be.

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